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Private Shopping at Slater Clothing Co.

We are taking shopping offline to create personalized, memorable experiences! 

Before opening Slater Clothing Co, we had found ourselves in a shopping slump. Shopping in our PJs while binge watching Netflix had become our norm. When we opened our doors, we decided we did not want our store to simply be transactional. We wanted to create a space in our community for women to come together and shop differently. 

(Also, wedding dress shopping should not be the only time we get to sip champagne while perusing the racks.)

With all of that in mind, we launched our Private Shopping Experience. We are opening our doors to you to invite friends and family for personalized experiences at our store. 

How it works:

  1. Pick a date for your private shopping event at Slater Clothing Co.
  2. Invite your friends (we will give you tools to promote your event).
  3. We will provide snacks, beverages and music; we even do the clean up.
  4. Relax and enjoy an evening of shopping and celebrating with your group.
  5. Hostess receives 10% of the party’s total sales to use toward merchandise in the store.


Contact us for available dates at